Friday, May 1, 2009

Vindaloo Passover by Jakob Chapman

after eating the lamb
drenched in curry
poured over hoary rice
waiting for twilight
when the sun sinks
sorrowfully to his knees
entreating intersession
with the 3rd day separation,
I have a date
with my creating angel


SarahA said...

oh I love the image of the sun sinking to his knees. I too think the Sun is a Man; and the Moon a Woman.

HoneyBee said...

Hi, I'm the alias for riteuni02 @ Poetry Blogger @ Blogcatalog, and I'm the Voter for this week top 5 poetry blogs. SO here goes:

Contents: It’s unique, it’s fresh, it’s brilliant. It’s no wonder; you already has been published.

Design: The gray fonts need to be lighten up though, I think.

Plus points: I think you have major potentials, and more interesting poems up your sleeve.