Monday, April 13, 2009

The Heat Death of the Universe (Short Story by Jakob Chapman)

Although not my poetry, this short story just got publish on Utah Children's Writer's Blog. Click here to read "The Heat Death of the Universe."

Saturday, April 4, 2009

General Conference by Jakob Chapman

Run, run, run!
I can because George is open
I can run because my bishop does not take attendance
it is not a question he asks—directly
when I see him every two years;
yes or no is more like a batting average

Run, run, run!
my iPod may look like a radio—
sleek portable religion
I can fit in my pocket
like the ten commandments written on a pebble
so small you need a microscope
to read, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”
but it is not a radio
it is an iPod
and I can listen to Johnny Cash
everywhere I go
if it was a Sansa
it would have a radio
and I could half-listen to MoTab’s
but it is not a Sansa
it is an iPod
more fashionable

Run, run, run!
obey the word of wisdom
with wicked exercise
I am thirty-five and in my prime
and I have to run while I still have knees
it already hurts to kneel;
I don’t like the feeling of Berber on my skin
the way it prickles

Run, run, run
around the indoor track
trying to decide
what exactly I am running from